We are a group of dedicated artists and instructors who run biweekly workshops in the downtown Lancaster, PA area. Our instruction is driven by and based firmly in our own visual, historical, and technical interests- we teach what we love, and we love to teach! Every two weeks a workshop is lead by a different one of our instructors focusing on a topic relative to their own creative practice. In these workshops we cover techniques for both materials and process, visual concepts and design principles, as well as a little bit of history and philosophy every now then.

Our workshops are grouped into "blocks" of four, one for each instructor, spread out over a two-month period. Participants who take our workshops will get to work with each of our instructors during these four workshops, one every other week. As instructors we believe it's important to demonstrate the workshop material visually as well as provide supporting lectures and one on one guidance. Through the lecture/demonstration format we show each participant not only the broad strokes of the concept, but how the workshop material is able to directly fit into their own working processes in their personal work.

We pride ourselves on our working dynamic and more often than not, each instructor is in attendance, taking part as a participant if they're not leading that evening's workshop. Walking around the room, it's easy to see how individualized the application of the evening's concepts are, and how each artist participating gives the material their own spin. We design these workshops to serve as a biweekly introduction to new concepts, materials, and applications that can be brought directly into the participant's own practice.

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