February-March Workshop Series

Sculpture about Sculpture
Instructor: Jeff Geib   Sunday, February 9th   6-9pm

Continuing our work in the enterprise of hand-held portrait sculpture in clay, we will this time use as our subject sculptures themselves. Less distracted by likeness, our formal analysis should have freer rein. Materials will be provided. 

Limited Palette
Instructor: Leah Limpert Walt   Sunday, February 23rd   6-9pm

This limited palette workshop offers attendees an exploration into pigment behavior in addition to the usual considerations of navigating a restricted palette. They should expect to gain a thorough understanding of pigment tinting strength and transparent vs. opaque pigment qualities by beginning with a color wheel and applying that knowledge to a fruit still life for the duration of the workshop. Methods for comprehending tone, temperature and 2-Dimensional sculptural description will be demonstrated and implemented.

Navigating Erasure
Instructor: Evan Kitson   Sunday, March 8th   6-9pm

Being able to manipulate the media on our surfaces is an essential part of the creation process. In this workshop we'll explore various methods of "erasing" in order to open up, carve out, destroy, and insert information on the surface of, and into, our works. A new take on a "traditional" type of erasing will be introduced as well as many "non-traditional" methods making use of many materials in interesting ways. All mediums welcome.

Texture, Surface, and Details
Instructor: Jason Ward   Sunday, March 22nd   6-9pm

This workshop will focus on how to consider staging a project that accounts for sensitivity towards the specific moments of observed detail. Every surface is an opportunity for us to engage with our medium in an expressive way that represents the different textures that we observe. When we begin to think of texture as a language, unique to individual objects, we can develop strategies that allow our medium to speak those languages. This approach creates unpredictable and delightful moments of surprise as material handling changes and adapts to represent a variety of surfaces, textures, and details that inform the viewer as to a specific moment of our experience. This workshop is open to students of all mediums.