August-September Workshop Series

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Sculpting a Head in 1/4 Scale
Instructor: Jeff Geib   Sunday, August 11th   6-9pm

We will rapidly develop a protocol for sculpting a human head in a sufficiently intimate scale so that 1. our work can be comfortably held in our hand and 2. can be finished during a single workshop session. We will work in polymer clay, so that the participants can "fire" their work in their own oven at home.

Modeling With Temperature
Instructor: Leah Limpert Walt   Sunday, August 25th   6-9pm

What can temperature tell us about the relationship between a form and its light source? What sculptural elements of seeing form can it aid us in? This workshop will reset the way you think about and utilize temperature in your work, building confidence in your color and drafting decisions overall.

The Head Study
Instructor: Evan Kitson   Sunday, September 8th   6-9pm

Working with a portrait model, we will discuss various ways to analyze the form and features of the head, including anatomy, gesture, and mass. Observational drawing techniques and practices will also be discussed, and we'll get into the topic of what a drawing of a head is as opposed to that of a portrait.

Painting and Animals
Instructor: Jason Ward   Sunday, September 22nd   6-9pm

This workshop will focus anatomy, light, and texture as it pertains to animals. We’ll look at how and why other artists have depicted animals in their work. We’ll discuss how finding anatomical structure, movement, gesture, and balance as well as designing a compelling environment are crucial to developing a strong composition. Demos will show techniques for using and creating textures such as fur, feathers, and scales. In the end our goal is to create work that goes beyond being a picture but instead feels as alive and active as the animals we present.