December-January Workshop Series

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The Moving Target
Instructor: Jeff Geib   Sunday, December 15th   6-9pm

The ability to correctly perceive, accommodate, and even welcome changed visual aspects of figurative subject matter is an important strength to develop. Participants will work from a still-life whose components will be repositioned during the session. To accommodate the challenge of this continuous change, we will once again utilize frosted Mylar, with its infinite corrigibility, as our support. Participants will bring their own choice of media. Mylar will be provided. 

Dual Light Source: Temperature Study
Instructor: Leah Limpert Walt   Sunday, December 29th   6-9pm

Training your eye to see subtle variations in light behavior is critical for formal representation in life painting. Considering multiple light sources aids in answering questions about spacial relationships by reaching beyond what is light and what is dark as a basis, but instead studies gradual shifts in temperature, color and value to reveal form.

Working with Edges
Instructor: Evan Kitson   Sunday, January 12th   6-9pm

Edges are often the unsung heroes of a developed artwork. Understanding the types of edges and the ways they can be utilized can open up your ability to perceive new aspects of your subject, as well as expand your formal engagement in your work. In this workshop we'll be creating a drawing or painting from a still-life and exploring the function of edges, their context, and their qualities. All mediums welcome.

Atmospheric Staging
Instructor: Jason Ward   Sunday, January 26th   6-9pm

This workshop will show participants how to depict the illusion of space on a two dimensional surface. Working from observation we’ll begin by carefully establishing a foreground, middle ground, and background. The appearance of depth will be achieved as we develop our color and/or tonal values. Finally we’ll add all the little details that bring our work to life in a way that doesn’t undue the atmospheric perspective. This is a lesson students can put into practice immediately, regardless of what kind of work they do. This workshop is open to all mediums.