June-July Workshop Series

Table-Top Monoprinting
Instructor: Jeff Geib   Sunday, June 9th   6-9pm

Monoprinting produces unique, 'one-off' images. Using a personal, participant-selected image, we will learn and develop the 'monotype' or 'transfer-drawing' variant of monoprinting. Incorporating associated techniques, we will seek to evolve individual approaches to this core printmaking technique.

Intuitive Self-Portraiture as Metaphor
Instructor: Leah Limpert Walt   Sunday, June 23rd   6-9pm

What can we learn from letting go of likeness alone in self portraiture? Our process, application and media are direct reflections of our state of mind and experience – this workshop explores metaphor in the made image of self through use of dry and wet media from direct observation, photo reference or memory.

Cast Drawing in Five Values
Instructor: Evan Kitson   Sunday, July 7th   6-9pm

With a focus on getting the most out of our tonal design, we'll be using a medium that limits our available tonal range but gives us a new element to navigate: Chroma. Working from a plaster cast as our subject, we'll engage with Red Chalk as our medium through a number of technical applications to really see what this historic media can provide.

Landscape Painting
Instructor: Jason Ward   Sunday, July21st   6-9pm

Where do you begin when you compose a Landscape? We'll be finding depth and balance in our composition using atmospheric perspective and color design to create a rich image, full of technical exploration with a focus on the handling of the paint itself.