October-November Workshop Series

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Color Theory: A Lot With a Little
Instructor: Evan Kitson   Sunday, October 6th   6-9pm

Spend an evening getting to know your paint as we discuss (and mix!) subtractive color theory for painters. We'll be working with a very limited palette of beautiful, high chroma colors to really demonstrate how you can achieve a full harmonious color range, complete with subtlety in hue, value, temperature, and chroma, without the need of a massive ~25 color palette. Emphasis will be placed on color vocabulary, actual color mixing with oil paint, ground colors, and general color theory.

High Chroma in Context
Instructor: Leah Limpert Walt   Sunday, October 20th   6-9pm

Dive into bold color application and comprehension in this workshop designed to help you navigate the effects of colored light source projection on a still life of objects ranging in low to highly chromatic local color. The effects of proximity, angle, temperature, context, local color, color mixing and application are all components of this explorative oil painting workshop.

Mylar Workshop
Instructor: Jeff Geib   Sunday, November 3rd   6-9pm

Bring your best and favorite media, bring your most reliable chops, and we'll do what we do on frosted Mylar. This is an extraordinary support that allows, among other things, unimaginably fierce drawing into wet media and nearly infinite erasing. We'll be watching each other's work as our familiar skills evolve new potential.

Oils Over Acrylics
Instructor: Jason Ward   Sunday, November 17th   6-9pm

This work will introduce students to a technique for using both oils and acrylics in the same painting. We will focus on building an acrylic under painting. We’ll begin to layer intense areas of opaque lights and bold colors. This will set the stage to take advantage of transparent layers with oil paints. In the end we’ll see how this layering process can be used to heighten color chroma and represent a truer sense of how light effects color.